Officer Nomination Form

Please consider joining us in helping our students and our school.   If you have any questions send us an email! Thank you!

President:  Serves as executive officer of the organization. Presides and participates in all executive and group meetings. Collaborates with school principal and acts as parent/teacher liaison.  Performs other duties as needed.

Vice President: Acts as aid to the president and performs the duties in the absence or inability of the president. Works with the volunteer coordinator and committee chairs.  Performs other duties as needed.

Secretary:  Takes notes and keeps minutes at PTO Officer’s meetings and general PTO meetings.  Helps creates fliers and correspondence relating to PTO events and distributes as needed.  Works with committee chairs.  Performs other duties as needed.

Treasurer:   Documents all incoming expenses from fundraisers.  Pays bills and reimbursements that may occur.  Makes deposits and maintains PTO checking/savings accounts.  Reports account balances at monthly meetings.  Performs other duties as needed.

Fundraising Chairperson:  Plans, organizes and helps manage all fundraising events and activities.