Meeting Minutes – 9/12/16

Robert Moton General PTO Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 12, 2016

Robert Moton Media Center


Meeting Called to Order: 7:03 pm by Kristel Castonguay, PTO President

Officers in attendance: Kristel Castonguay, Rachel Passerini, Lynne Colantoni, and Jessica Davenport

Administration in attendance: Mr. Robbins

Teachers in attendance: Mrs. Shearer

Other parents in attendance: 9


Approval of PTO Bylaws

Unfinished business; in need of revisions

Approval of PTO 2016 Budget (knowing it will be amended to include Principal’s Fund)

1st Rachel Passerini         2nd Kristel Castonguay


President’s Report

  • RME PTO provides the Back to School Picnic, Kindergarten tote bags, 4 Fun Nights, Super Saturday, Teacher Luncheons, Yearbook, Assemblies, etc.
  • Looking for help to coordinate and plan events
  • New website and Facebook page
  • Need tech service to help fix the link from Robert Moton’s website to RME PTO website

Treasurer’s Report $ 4.427

  • Mrs. Peters asked PTO to help purchase an assembly $500


Principal’s Report

  • Smooth start to the school year; looking forward to another good year at the Ranch
  • Check out Home Access Center for grades 3, 4, 5, to see electronic report cards; “real time grading”
  • Login is your email; lots of information including: teacher email, emergency contacts, assessment information, schedules, etc.


Committee Reports

  • Fundraising (Sue Hulme, Chairperson)
    • Planned for the year; restaurant nights along with Five Below, Roller Skating, and Players
    • Sweet Frog- Monday, Sept. 19 5-9pm
    • First Fundraiser-Boscov’s passes/coupons for sale $5
    • October Fundraiser- Coupon book $25
    • Five Below Fundraiser- Black Friday and Saturday; weekend in Dec
    • All fundraisers and events are listed on the Interactive Google Calendar on RME PTO website.
    • Could make a donation on the website
    • Will look into the Remind App
  • Box Tops (Lisa Bowman, Chairperson)
    • Problem with the check, call on 9/13
    • Working with Westminster High School
    • Possibility of Carroll Community College donating
    • Upcoming contest; flier and collection sheet needed
  • Yearbook (Kristin Lavender, Chairperson)
    • Another Parent has volunteered to take pictures to keep quality of the pictures the same.
    • Possibly use as a fundraiser this year
    • Sold 175 yearbooks in the 2015-2016 school year
    • Administration will research photo rules and the possibility to make it more educational to use Title 1 funds.
  • Spiritwear (Amy Edgington, Chairperson)
    • Baltimore T-Shirt Co; Reisterstown, MD
    • Prices higher/logo same
    • Possibly different types of shirts for teachers
    • Parent and Teacher looking into different companies to possibly use
  • Movie Night-October 7
    • Need G rated movie, license cost $172
  • 5th Grade End of Year Picnic
    • Leckron wants two parents as primary contacts.
    • Fundraise on their own
  • American Education Week-November 14-November 18
    • Form Committee
    • Questionnaire for teachers and staff
    • Luncheon for staff
  • Holiday Shop-Friday, Dec 2 and Saturday, Dec 3
    • Form committee
    • Need to select a company


Winner of the $100 prize for most attendees is 1st grade.

Adjourned at 8:33pm

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